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Astron Mobile Communications


Astron, February 1994, joined the Network Innovations Group in 2018 where the ability to access a global network of communication professionals expands Astron's satellite expertise in the Maritime, Land, and Aero markets.  From custom solutions using Network Innovations' proprietary MAVERICK high-reliability VSAT to state-of-the-art technologies from leading partners in the satellite industry, ASTRON is your Communications partner enabling you to Communicate, Anywhere. 

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We listen to our clients to find the ideal technology, hardware, and airtime plan to fit their unique needs.  Whether your challenge is remote, failover, or global, the Astron team have strong partnerships with Iridium Inmarsat, Thuraya as well as every leading terminal manufacturer.  Combine our industry expertise and strategic partnerships with custom and efficient airtime plans and you have the partner for all your communication needs.  


With the Astron Rough Pro smartphones and tablets, we have a unique solution to provide mobile communication regardless of where you are. Our IP-68 shock- and waterproof devices allow you to communicate in the harshest environments. And to make it even better: our intrinsically safe (ATEX & IECex) version makes it even possible to call, mail or browse the Internet in "Zone 1" explosive areas. 
We don't just offer the devices, but with apps like Push-to-talk, Smartworker, Aidoo-Mobile, etc we are able to offer you a complete solution to make your operations more efficient. 



Airplanes need to communicate with ground control towers and other airplanes, need weather and passenger information, but also have to communicate with the plane and/or engine manufacturers.

This can be done by VHF and/or satellite communication. Passengers also want to be able to stay connected in the air and require the planes to be fitted with broadband solutions.

As part of the Network Innovations Group, Astron has full access to IDG Aero adding greater Rotor and Fixed Wing Communication solutions.