On Sunday 9th August, the Belgian Solar Team presented her brand new solar powered Punch One.

The Solar Team consists of engineering students from Group T of the Catholique University of Leuven.

This team is building the future. They succeed in translating the most advanced knowledge in the field of solar technology, materials science, computer science, aerodynamics and mobility technology in general into a beuatiful, functional solar car. That they are able to do this at all is remarkable, but that they do it in the company of elite competitors from around the world is even more so. Perhaps this is what drives their ambition to perform - now for the sixt time- at the highest level of solar car compettion: a desire to capture our imaginations. (Rik Torfs, Rector KU Leuven, Belgium)

In October 2015 they will compete in the World Solar Challenge in Australia, with only one ambition: to win!

Astron is proud to be able to support the Solar Team in their communications, both with the Rough Pro tablet, Iridium handsets and Inmarsat BGAN. With these communication aids the team will be able to stay in touch with eachother, also providing valuable means to keep in touch with the homefront and the press. With their Explorer 727 BGAN they will be able to stream their video footage straight to newsdesks around the world!

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